Musa Filantropica

En la mitología griega las musas eran, según los escritores más antiguos, las diosas inspiradoras de la musica y escritura, según las nociones posteriores, divinidades que presidían los diferentes tipos de poesía, así como las artes y las ciencias.

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7:04 AM
July 31st, 2012
No te culpo, mi vida no tiene sentido


Ando buscando una distraccion, algo que me saque de esta frustracion
es mucho lo que me duele, esta vida que estoy llevando,
pues no importa lo que hago, algo siempre esta malo.

No puedo dejar de pensar en ti, por que lo hago?…
solo quiero ser feliz, es mucho lo que pido?…
llevar una vida sin…

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6:52 PM
June 28th, 2012

Everyone wants to be happy for life,
but sadly we may never achieve that,
because even you that brought meaning,
to this life of mine,
the one that once lost the one it had,
sometimes you bring with you only pain.

But what can i say?, the only thing i may… do,
accept that, or just blindfold myself.

But is ok, because happiness with you,
can only be achieve with the acceptance,
of all the things you brought,
the good, the bad and the great ones you have.

But sometimes i will fall, expect it every now and then,
it’s hard for me to get, it’s hard for me to accept,
the attention you give, to the one that hurt you.

It hurts to know that his words, his actions,
still have effect on you, and sometimes i think,
it’s even more that effect that my actions cause.

I tell you now, i hate that guy,
i don’t care if he still your friend,
or whatever tittle you call that son of a bitch,
and i will like you to know… that if someday,
i have the power, i may… slit his throat.

If i was someone else i would ask…
but i won’t, because is not up to me,
but up to you, and i am no one in your life,
because i am new, hello is almost 4 month.
Just know that whatever evolves his presences,
i won’t be happy about it.

Still i love you and am happy, but i will kill him,
just hope life don’t give me the guts, or even a small chance.

6:13 PM
June 28th, 2012

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June 28th, 2012

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May 21st, 2012


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May 19th, 2012